Tell Your Patients It's Time to Sta-Home

When the best place for your patient to recover from an illness, treat a chronic condition, or receive rehab therapy is at home, Sta-Home is the best choice in home healthcare.

Sta-Home partners with doctors and discharge planners to develop a customized plan of care for each patient and to make the transition from hospital care to home healthcare as smooth as possible, both for the patient and for the doctor.

Once the patient is home, Sta-Home begins the plan of care, including detailed education to help the patient be compliant, and reduce the chances of unnecessary hospital readmissions or emergency room visits.

You can also depend on Sta-Home for help with patients in need of hospice care.  Our hospice team works with you to provide patients and families with compassionate palliative care, as well as grief counseling and emotional support.

Sta-Home is the right choice for your patient and for your practice.

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Sta-Home. A Mississippi-based home healthcare and hospice provider.

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