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The link provided on this page is to be used by Sta-Home patients who have a private insurance plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that includes a co-pay or deductible to cover home health expenses.  This link can also be used by patients who self-pay for the home healthcare services they have received.  Patients will receive an invoice from Sta-Home showing what is owed to cover the co-pay and/or the deductible, or the amount owed for self-pay.  Those expenses can be paid online by clicking the link below.

If you have questions or need more information about using this link please contact Joan Moss at, or you can call her at 800.782.4663.

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1.  Do I have to register to use the link?

     No.  You will be asked if you want to register to make future payments quicker and more convenient.  However, you do not have to register to use the link.

2.  Can I make a partial payment?

     Yes.  You will be asked to report the amount of your bill you want to pay at this time.

3.  Can I set up a payment plan?

     Yes.  You will be asked to declare if this is a one-time payment or a recurring payment.  If you choose a recurring payment, this will establish a schedule of payments to be charged to your credit card over time.

4.  Can I pay multiple invoices?

     Yes.  You will be asked to enter the total amount you want to charge to your credit card and this amount will be credited to your account from the oldest invoice to the most recent.

5.  How will I receive confirmation of my payment?

     You can request an email acknowledgement and/or print out your receipt from the link.

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