Volunteers are a vital part of Sta-Home.  Each volunteer is valued and respected for the support and time they give to our patients, families and to Sta-Home.  Volunteers are given the chance to make a difference and improve a patient’s quality of life by providing love and companionship to all.  If you would like to be given the chance to make a difference, please complete the Volunteer Application below and click on the Submit button. Sta-Home will contact you to discuss your application.   Or, feel free to contact LeAnn Henderson, Director of Volunteer Services at 601.956.5100, ext. 8181. 

A volunteer can do just about anything.  A few examples are:

  • Shopping, buying groceries, running errands for the family
  • Visiting with the patient/caregiver
  • Providing respite care
  • Making crafts
  • Baking/cooking meals
  • Assisting with household chores
  • Handling administrative tasks in the hospice offices

The most important thing you need is the desire to serve.  To help you become the best volunteer you can be, you will be professionally trained by a Sta-Home Volunteer Coordinator on our mission and history, HIPAA privacy and security rules, and other general information about Sta-Home and being a hospice volunteer.  Quarterly in-service training days provide further education throughout the year.

Sta-Home makes every effort to recognize the volunteers and their dedication to our hospice families. Each volunteer receives a Certificate for Completion of Training after the initial training ends.  Star Volunteer Awards are presented during the quarterly in-service training days, and a Volunteer of the Year award is presented at a volunteer awards banquet.  All hospice volunteers are recognized during National Volunteer Week. 


1st Quarter Hinds - 2014

1st Quarter Grenada - 2014

1st Quarter Philadelphia - 2014

1st Quarter Meridian - 2014

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