When Is It Time For Home Healthcare?

If someone has experienced a medical event, such as surgery, a stroke, or a heart attack, recovery can be enhanced when the patient receives medical care in their home after leaving the hospital.  Nurses and therapists can be in the home to help the patient rehabilitate and make any daily living adjustments needed. 

If someone is trying to manage a chronic illness, such as diabetes, COPD, or chronic heart failure, home healthcare can be used to teach the patient how to manage the illness to avoid common flare ups and trips to the emergency room. 

In addition to the above situations, below are some questions to ask about the patient.  A “yes” answer to any one of the questions may indicate it’s time to talk to the doctor about how home healthcare can help:

  • Is the patient recently diagnosed with a new illness?
  • Is the patient dependent on a caregiver to take him/her to doctor appointments?
  • Is the patient on medication that makes it unsafe for him/her to leave home?
  • Is the patient disoriented, incoherent or not alert?
  • Is the patient’s medication changing?
  • Is the patient at risk for a fall?
  • Is the patient in need of physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy?

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