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Sta-Home’s objective when receiving a referral from a physician, a nurse, or a hospital case manager is to ensure that Sta-Home has the appropriate information in order to provide quality patient care.

To help expedite the process, the referral source is requested to provide the following information when making the referral.


  • The patient is eligible for a face-to-face interview with the referring physician no earlier than 90 days before admission to Sta-Home or no later than 30 days after.
  • The physician needs to be identified who will be responsible for signing patient care orders for home healthcare services and will follow the patient’s plan of care.
  • The signed order for services must include specific disciplines needed to provide home healthcare services.
  • If available, a history and physical, or identification of recent medical problems, on the patient being referred.


  • The medical necessity for hospice services to be specified by a physician’s order.
  • Acknowledgement the patient is no longer receiving curative treatments and is in need of hospice care.
  • A history and physical on the patient being referred.
  • A certificate of terminal illness.

The referral can be faxed or called into Sta-Home.
             Fax to: Attention Intake at 601.991.2746
             Phone:  1.800.782.4663


Physician Portal Log-in

If you would like more information about Sta-Home’s Physician Portal, or would like to request login credentials, please call 1.800.782.4663.

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